Where to buy the product?

At this map you can see the places where we sell EATTUBE. Please leave your comments in the feedback section where else you want to buy our product.

From what age it is safe to give it to kids?

We recommend to start to use the cheesecake at the age of 3 and the burger at the age of 5.

What are the rules of eating out of the tube?

EATTUBE – is a ready nutricious product that should be eaten from the tube. You need neither plate or a fork just press the tube and enjoy the taste of our snake.

Does our product remind original hamburger/cheeseburger/fishburger or cheesecake?

We’ve done our best to make EATTUBE taste like the snacks we all love. And we believe you’ll agree with us after eating the product.

How to keep the product?

The cheesecake should be kept in the fridge at +2°+4 ° for not more than 17 days. If you want to keep the cheesecake longer keep it in the freezer for 30 days at -18C. The product shouldn’t be frozen twice. The burger can be stored in any place suitable for you from 0 to +15C and relative humidity 75% (just avoid direct sunlight) for 12 months.

Are there any restrictions on the product consumption such as allergic reactions?

We don’t recommend to eat burger to people who suffer from intolerance to wheat protein. Study the EATTUBE contents carefully to realize you are not a subject to allergy to its components. As for the cheesecake pay attention to dairy components. We don’t recommend it to people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Study the EATTUBE contents carefully to realize you are not a subject to allergy to its components.

Can you carry EATTUBE in your hand luggage?

Yes, you can and you should do it. Remember to take EATTUBE through hand luggage control and be aware it shouldn’t be more than 100ml.

Can one EATTUBE product be worth a full meal?

EATTUBE is a nutricious snack. You may eat one tube instead of usual meal. But we won’t say that’ll be enough personally for you. You can combine: a burger+ a cheesecake. For those who have a sweet tooth: a cheesecake + a cheesecake. For those who need a hearty snack: a burger + a burger and even +one more burger. Have a try and feedback us. We’ll take in consideration all your wishes.

Does the company give any contests or promotions?

Such information is still developed.

How to get the information about events, special offers, promotions and new EATTUBE products?

Email us in the feedback and you’ll be the first to get the news.

Can you order the product online?

Our company provides such service. To know more email us or call the hotline.